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Welcome to Miss Gowen`s Grade 8 webpage!

Hello parents and guardians, 
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy while at home. I really wish I could be at school with all of your kids because I miss them all so much! But, we all need to do what is best and stay home so that this whole pandemic thing will end as quickly as possible! Safety and health is what is most important right now. 

I just want to remind parents that I am offering supplemental learning. This means that it is NOT mandatory, there will be no grades given and every student in my class will be going to grade 8 next year. 

That being said, I know many of you expressed that you would like school work for your student to do at home during this time so they don’t drive you so crazy! I want to remind parents that home school is not like regular school. Start with half an hour a day and slowly build up to 2 or 3 hours. Please no more than that because they will grow resentful of academics. There are many other things you can build into their daily schedule other than school work.

I suggest having a daily routine of reading, writing and math, as those are the most crucial skills for school in the fall. Start with 20 minutes of each. 

Reading: They should read every day. If they have access to books, have them read for 20 minutes. Then they could summarize what they read (have them hand write the summary of type it – I will post a place for them to type summaries on Google Classroom as well). If they do not have books at home, I suggest checking out scholastic or amazon for online books. Both sites are offering free subscriptions right now 😊

Writing: They should write every day. I suggest a simple journal entry every day. They can do this on paper and write it out, or they can go on Google Classroom and I will create a place for them to write in a journal everyday. If your child is feeling really academic, they could write poems, short stories, write out recipes, write out instructions for something, or they could even do some research on a topic and write an essay! I will also be posting special writing assignments on Google Classroom if interested. 

Math: They should practice math everyday. We didn’t get to Circles and Area (Unit 4), Data Analysis (Unit 7) or Geometry (Unit 8). They can Google ‘Math Makes Sense – Grade 7″ and the text book we used in school is on there. They can work through those units at their own pace, or they can go on Google Classroom for some math sheets that I will post. Math Antics is on YouTube and he makes videos for most units. 

This is all just suggestions. I know you know what schedule will work best for your child. Please do not forget to include outside time for walks and physical activity as much as you can because it is so needed for all the stress they are experiencing right now. I also suggest that they listen to music, dance, cook, clean, do chores, play games, make crafts and art and socialize on Face Time with their friends. 

I am also including a HUGE list of on line academic learning sites. These can be slipped into their learning routine as needed. Also, if your child is reluctant to do any of my Google Classroom assignments, please do not force them. Offer these fun sites instead to sneakily get them learning while playing games. 

I also want to mention two more things: 
1. Please have your child log on to Google Classroom everyday (if you want them to, or if they choose to). I will be posting all kinds of work and links for them. To get onto Google Classroom they will need their CHROME BOOK user name which is 5 or 6 letters and numbers. Those letters and numbers will go in the blank spaces. _ _ _ _ _ _@students.srsd119.ca (username) grade7_ _ _ (password is grade7 and then followed by the first 3 letters of their name). They should all know how to get on, but if you are having trouble, please email me.
2. I would also like to try Zoom Room Classroom with the students who are interested. They will need to go to the Zoom site and create an account. It doesn’t take long. I would like to try a Zoom room next week on Monday at 11:00 am. I will post the Zoom room password on Google Classroom when we try it out.  Please know this is NOT mandatory and that we will be figuring this out together. Also, I will be booting kids off that are fooling around or being disrespectful (just like real school).     

I hope this rather long email will help. If you ever have questions or need help with any of the information I have just given you, please email me. I am literally sitting at home waiting to help out! I can even call you if you need me to help you out with anything 😊.

Please take care and please do not stress. We will get through this together. And a very huge thank you to all the parents that have been so kind and patient with me ❤. I have never taught like this before but I am trying my best to help your kiddos out 😊.

On line websites :

All Things Dr. Suess

Khan Academy – super fun and interesting education videos on a wide range of topics and grade levels.

Storyline Online – hundreds of storybooks read by super cool people!

Highlights Kids – just like the magazine version, but online!

National Geographic Kids – games, videos, facts, great information!

San Diego Zoo – virtual tours, facts, games, all the animals!

Math Playground – alllllllll the math games!

The Happy Scientist – cool science experiments and videos!

BedTime Math – more fun math!

Duolingo – everything language learning!

Mystery Science – fun science lessons!

Nomster Chef – the BEST kid-proof recipes!

Turtle Diary – educational games!

Typing Club – brush up on your typing skills!

FunBrain – games, videos and books!

Steve Science – sooo many experiments!

NASA Kids – all things space.

Brain Pop – fun videos about pretty much anything!

Hello Kids – colouring and drawing!

ABCYA – fun games!

Starfall – games, movies and books.

Wonderopolis – fun “wonders” of the day!

Go Noodle – activities and fun!

Awesome YouTube Channels:

    – Ted-Ed
    – Soul Pancake
    – It’s Okay To Be Smart
    – Smart Girls 

Older Students: 

Biointeractive – chemistry, biology, all things science!

Khan Academy


National Geographic

How Stuff Works


The Math Page

Teachers Pay Teachers and School Express – worksheet based ideas. Lots of free/paid options.

Trisha Gowen
Grade 7 Teacher
Princess Margaret Public School